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Environmental Protection

:: Personal Pendant
:: Wristband
:: Standard Pulsor Card
:: Section Card
:: Vortex Energy Filter

Balancing Series I
:: Acu-Pulsor Spin Tester
:: Angel Vortex Stabilizer
:: Slotted Card
:: Color Torroid

Balancing Series II

:: The Ultima Series
:: Slotted Infra Card
:: Galactical Collectable
:: Five Element Stabilizer

Balancing Series III

:: The Ultima Super Theta

Advanced Balancing Series

::Super Five Elements Stabilizer-Gold
::Ultima Super Theta Infra-Gold
Super Infra Five Elements Stabilizer-Silver


This serves the same purpose as the Pendant and Card, but is particularly suited to people involved in “hands-on” healing modalities or who work at cash registers, laser scanners or computers.It consists of a watch type piece of Pulsor material threaded onto an adjustable length nylon band. The band is 10” at the longest length and can adjust to shorter lengths. It is available in black only, with a gold or silver tone buckle.
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These are only minimal descriptions. Please consult your Pulsor Practitioner for further information on Pulsor applications and workshops.